As the world moves toward a post-COVID-19 world, we are faced with a remarkable number of challenges to be solved, as well as an important set of opportunities to build new approaches, grow new businesses, and create new realities.

Participants in Stanford Rebuild are encouraged to think broadly about the disruptions and challenges they see around them, those that affect a large number of people and those that provide the greatest opportunity for impact.

Participants may pursue any challenge or idea during Stanford Rebuild as long as it relates to COVID-19 recovery. Ideas may be new or related to redesigning an existing business, span multiple themes, and even be outside of the proposed themes.

Listed below are Example Challenges that would fit in each theme. 




How might we redesign businesses that depend on close contact, such as salons, to survive times of social distancing? #smallbusiness

How might higher education adapt and change in light of our new experience with online learning? #education

How might we reimagine travel for business and leisure in a world of social distancing? #travel

How might K-12 schools operate in a time of dynamic local public health guidelines? #education

Healthcare Systems

How might we ensure our health care systems have an adequate supply of PPEs and ventilators? #healthcare

How might we increase the testing capacity of the health care systems? #healthcare

How might we implement a socially responsible testing and contact tracing protocol? #healthcare

How might we increase the capacity of the system to leverage telemedicine and deliver care without direct contact? #healthcare

Human Well-Being

How might we care for at-risk populations (e.g. the elderly, people in the criminal justice system, the homeless, etc.) while minimizing transmission risk ? #wellness

How might we address the physical and emotional impact of social distancing on our youth? #wellness

How can large gatherings (religious services, concerts, sports games, elections) be safe(r) for people? #wellness

How might we enhance a person’s sense of human connection as their life becomes ever more digital? #wellness


the Workforce

How might we help firms more effectively hire, onboard, and train remote workers? #HR

How might we  enable organizations to better manage a remote workforce, or make remote work more effective and enjoyable? #HR

How might we redesign childcare to enable parents to return to work? #smallbusiness

How might we enable people to quickly retrain themselves and adapt their income sources as the demand for certain products/services ebbs and flows? #education


The above challenges are just examples, and participants are not restricted to those listed. Participants may pursue any challenge or idea of their own during Stanford Rebuild as long as it relates to COVID-19 recovery.  Projects may span multiple themes.  In addition, projects are still eligible if they don’t fit into any of the four themes.