Engage Innovators

We want to encourage and support the world’s innovators and problem solvers to tackle the challenges and opportunities we will face in the coming months. We believe they have the potential to significantly accelerate recovery and contribute to a better and more equitable outcome.

Encourage Action

Innovation and entrepreneurship are engines of economic health and growth, and are particularly important in times of disruption. Disruption triggers different needs to emerge, presenting opportunities to create new products, services, and approaches for a better “new normal” for individuals, small businesses, large organizations and governments.

Offer Our Expertise

We hope that the expertise of our entrepreneurial faculty and the step-by-step guidance from the Embark toolkit will provide support and encourage teams to accelerate our path to a better post-COVID-19 world.

Founders + Faculty

Work together to bring Stanford insights honed from thousands of  startups.

Tangible Tools

Use actionable frameworks, interactive tools, and inspirational and educational videos.

Your Startup Canvas

Along with other entrepreneurs, engage with personalized tips and proven tools to validate your startup idea.


Stanford Rebuild is designed to fit with any pace. Participants can spend as much or as little time as they want on the program. Our goal is to inspire collective thought and generate solutions. Some projects may turn into long-term ventures, others may have short-term impact, and others may simply be ideas. All of these are welcome and we encourage all participants to join even if they only have limited time to contribute.

June 22–26

Get Inspired
Hear from experts and thought leaders about the challenges and opportunities expected for our COVID-19 recovery, and be inspired to act.
See the schedule of amazing speakers.

June 29–August 22

8-Week Guided Innovation Sprint
Participants develop, test, and refine their ideas using a guided online curriculum (Embark toolkit).

Early September

Showcase Celebration
An opportunity to highlight some of the promising ideas, projects, and solutions from the innovation sprint.


Stanford Rebuild is built upon the Stanford Embark platform, a virtual companion to your entrepreneurial journey. 

The resource is designed by Stanford’s world-class faculty and successful entrepreneurs, combining high-level insights on building ventures with tactical steps necessary for launching or validating a sustainable business.

In addition to gaining free access to this platform, Stanford Rebuild participants will gain access to inspiring and educational talks and workshops throughout the duration of the program.


Anyone over 13 years old, anywhere in the world is eligible to apply for Stanford Rebuild. Stanford affiliation and prior entrepreneurial experience are not required. Stanford Rebuild is designed for both individuals and teams.  If you have a team, you may have as many members on it as you wish. New ideas as well as existing companies are welcome to join Rebuild.

All aspects of Stanford Rebuild are provided free of charge.

Still have questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).