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Stanford Rebuild "Get Inspired" Kick-Off Series

June 22

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President Marc Tessier-Lavigne, President of Stanford University, welcomed the global community of Stanford Rebuild and provided inspiration for the innovation sprint.

Keynote Fireside Chat:
A conversation between Dean Jonathan Levin, Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Business and Dean Lloyd Minor, Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine.  They discussed the various issues related to recovery and the opportunities for innovation.

Innovating for Recovery:
Professor Stefanos Zenios, Investment Group of Santa Barbara Professor of Entrepreneurship and Faculty Director for the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, led Rebuild participants through examples of innovation in COVID-19 times, the Embark process, and the importance of adapting customer interviews for the socially distant realities of today and as the world reopens.

A New Story:
 Professor Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, wrapped up Day 1 with inspiration and motivation.

June 23

Morning Sessions

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Morning Keynote: The Post COVID-19 Economy
Professor Paul Oyer, Mary and Rankine Van Anda Entrepreneurial Professor and Professor of Economics, led a panel with economic experts to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. Panelists include:

  • Emily Oster, Professor of Economics, Brown University
  • Nicholas Bloom, William D. Eberle Professor of Economics, Stanford University
  • Edward Lazear, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution and Professor of Economics at Stanford GSB

Where Do the Opportunities Lie?
Lyndsey Boucherle, Principal at Better Ventures, led a panel of leading Silicon Valley venture capitalists as they discuss various sectors and where they see the biggest opportunities/needs to innovate.

The Future of Workplaces
Stewart Butterfield, Founder and CEO of Slack, and Professor Brian Lowery, Walter Kenneth Kilpatrick Professor of Organizational Behavior and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs discussed the shift to remote work, the role of businesses and leaders in influencing workplace culture, diversity, and equality, and opportunities for change.

June 23

Afternoon Session

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Sector Talk: Longevity Innovations
Every aspect and infrastructure for Older Adults and their longevity has been challenged by the pandemic, and has put a spotlight on needs ranging from caregiving to working longer to digital literacy and housing. All these needs create important opportunities for innovation.  This session covered different needs and opportunities, the marketing challenges, and who is the customer vs the payer for many of these products and services that are needed to enhance longer life and successful aging.

  • Dr. Susan Golden, Director of dciX and Fellow, Stanford Center on Longevity
  • Carol Hymowitz,
    Journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg
    Consulting Fellow, Stanford Center on Longevity

June 24

Morning Sessions

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Morning Keynote: Inequities of COVID-19 and Strategies for Change
In collaboration with the VMWare Women's Leadership Innovation Lab
COVID-19 has been dubbed the "great equalizer" but in reality it has created and exacerbated inequalities — racial, gender, ability, parental status, socio-economic — while perhaps making more visible the privileges of those who already had it. As we think about the "new normal", how might we redesign workplaces, healthcare, education, and society at large, with a lens of preventing those inequalities from becoming salient so we can build a more just and equitable world?

Reimagining Business
Dana Mauriello, COO at Mighty, led a panel discussion on the major challenges facing small businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, their immediate needs during the recovery phase, and potential long-term implications for the industry.

June 24

Afternoon Session

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Founder Discussion: Identifying and responding to opportunities

Covid-19 has created business challenges around the world but also presents opportunities to serve customers in new ways. Fern Mandelbaum, Lecturer in Management at Stanford GSB, moderates a panel of founders who creatively responded to customer needs. They discussed how they planned to manage their workforces going forward, and how they strengthened their businesses while facing the new realities of living in a Covid-19 world. This session will also touch on how we can design businesses to better support a more equitable, connected world.

June 24

Afternoon Session

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Tech Push: Finding Market Applications for Innovative Technologies

Startups that develop new or innovative technologies struggle with how to bring those innovations to market. Professor Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing, discussed an approach for technology-push founders who start with technology capabilities and need to move through the process of identifying market needs to create a viable business.

Wednesday, July 15

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The Future of K-12 Education

COVID forced operational changes in our schools and education system at large. Students are home, classes are (maybe) virtual, and parents are moonlighting as tutors. On the other side, administrators are struggling with hard decisions, teachers are needing to juggle even more, and budgets are being slashed. Underlying all these issues are glaring disparities in access to education, tools, and resources at all levels - students, teachers, parents, and schools. These new circumstances will lead to new trends across the education landscape and ultimately change what education looks and feels like for students. Join us to explore what that might look like and how we can best support this generation of learners and beyond.

Panelists include:

Thursday, July 30

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Team Dynamics Workshop: Great Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Successful startup founders invest as much time in building their teams as they do in building their products. Join Stanford GSB lecturer Anne Raimondi for this session to learn how you can create strong company values, choose a clear decision making strategy, and give and receive feedback in a way that helps you and your team continually learn and grow.

Tuesday, August 11

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Leveraging Technology to Solve Post-Covid Healthcare Needs

COVID-19 has changed the way we deliver healthcare and revealed many cracks in our public health systems as well as opportunities to innovate. This panel discussed the role that technology can play in helping us rebuild these systems and what building back better might look like. The panelists shared insights on the unique needs in healthcare, multiple stakeholders to consider, and constraints and characteristics to keep in mind as innovators develop solutions.


  • Gordon Saul, Executive Director, Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign
  • Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Diversity, Professor of Pediatrics (Infectious Diseases) and of Health Research and Policy, Stanford Medicine
  • Daniel Hawkins, CEO, Avail Medsystems
  • Joy Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder at Mon Ami

Tuesday, August 18

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Effective Online Pitching 

When it comes to pitching your idea, you only get a small window of opportunity to make a first impression. The stakes are even higher when pitching virtually. The good news is a well-structured elevator pitch, paired with simple, easy to understand visuals can cut through the noise and capture the attention of your audience, even when delivered virtually. Join communications strategist Steph Patterson for a workshop on how to create a simple, compelling and effective pitch for today's online environment.

Collaborators Sessions

May 26

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Daniel Schwartz, Dean, Stanford Graduate School of Education: The Future of Education

Daniel Schwartz, Dean, Stanford School of Education, was interviewed by GSB Lecturer Rob Siegel for Stanford GSB's Business and Society class. In the interview they discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the future of education.

Various Dates

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Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (ETL) Series

A candid exploration of the entrepreneurial journey where informed leaders share personal stories of the secrets and setbacks behind real success.  Recent sessions have featured:

  • Chris Redlitz and Beverly Parenti, The Last Mile and Ray Harts, Healthy Hearts Institute
  • Joe DeSimone, Carbon
  • Julie Zhuo, Inspirit
  • And many more...

Final Wrap-up and Showcase (September 9)

Click here to see the teams featured in the Rebuild Showcase and Honorable Mentions.

Morning Wrap-up

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Morning Welcome
Professor Stefanos Zenios, Faculty Director for Stanford Rebuild welcomes Rebuild participants and guests with opening remarks.

What's Next After Stanford Rebuild?
Professor Jim Lattin, Robert A. Magowan Professor of Marketing of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Professor Stefanos Zenios, Faculty Director for Stanford Rebuild, discuss what comes next in the innovation process and tips to keep making progress on your ventures after Rebuild.

To Startup or Not: Choosing an Entrepreneurial Path
Hear from a panel of seasoned founders about how and why they decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship, what a day in their life looks like, and the ups and downs that come with the startup path.

Rebuild Showcase

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Afternoon Welcome
Dean Jonathan Levin, Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Business welcomes you back and provides closing thoughts on the Stanford Rebuild program and the potential impact its participants can have in the world.

Project Showcase
11 selected Rebuild teams present their projects and receive live feedback from a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

See the lineup of teams listed here.


Closing Remarks

Professor Stefanos Zenios, Faculty Director for Stanford Rebuild provides closing remarks.