June 22 - 24


All times are listed in U.S. Pacific Standard Time (GMT -7:00)

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Monday, June 22


President Marc Tessier-Lavigne, President of Stanford University, will welcome the global community of Stanford Rebuild and provide inspiration for the innovation sprint.


Keynote Fireside Chat
A conversation between Dean Jonathan Levin, Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Business and Dean Lloyd Minor, Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine will discuss the various issues related to recovery and the opportunities for innovation.


Innovating for Recovery
Professor Stefanos Zenios, Investment Group of Santa Barbara Professor of Entrepreneurship and Faculty Director for the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, will lead Rebuild participants through examples of innovation in COVID-19 times, the Embark process, and the importance of adapting customer interviews for the socially distant realities of today and as the world reopens.


A New Story
Professor Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, will wrap up Day 1 with inspiration and motivation.

Tuesday, June 23



Morning Keynote: The Post COVID-19 Economy
Professor Paul Oyer, Mary and Rankine Van Anda Entrepreneurial Professor and Professor of Economics, will lead a panel with economic experts to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. Panelists include:

  • Emily Oster, Professor of Economics, Brown University
  • Nicholas Bloom, William D. Eberle Professor of Economics, Stanford University
  • Edward Lazear, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution and Professor of Economics at Stanford GSB
  • 10:00-10:45am

    Where Do the Opportunities Lie?
    Lyndsey Boucherle, Principal at Better Ventures, leads a panel of leading Silicon Valley venture capitalists as they discuss various sectors and where they see the biggest opportunities/needs to innovate.

  • Kirthiga Reddy, Softbank Vision Fund
  • Priya Saiprasad, Mayfield
  • Mar Hershenson, Pear VC
  • 11:00-11:45am

    The Future of Workplaces
    Join Stewart Butterfield, Founder and CEO of Slack, and Professor Brian Lowery, Walter Kenneth Kilpatrick Professor of Organizational Behavior and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, as they discuss the shift to remote work, the role of businesses and leaders in influencing workplace culture, diversity, and equality, and opportunities for change.


    3:00 - 3:45pm

    Sector Talk: Longevity Innovations
    Every aspect and infrastructure for Older Adults and their longevity has been challenged by the pandemic, and has put a spotlight on needs ranging from caregiving to working longer to digital literacy and housing. All these needs create important opportunities for innovation. We will discuss the different needs and opportunities, the marketing challenges, and who is the customer vs the payor for many of these products and services that are needed to enhance longer life and successful aging.

  • Dr. Susan Golden, Director of dciX and Fellow, Stanford Center on Longevity
  • Carol Hymowitz, Journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Consulting Fellow, Stanford Center on Longevity
  • Wednesday, June 24



    Morning Keynote: Inequities of COVID-19 and Strategies for Change
    In collaboration with the VMWare Women's Leadership Innovation Lab
    COVID-19 has been dubbed the "great equalizer" but in reality it has created and exacerbated inequalities — racial, gender, ability, parental status, socio-economic — while perhaps making more visible the privileges of those who already had it. As we think about "new normal", how might we redesign workplaces, healthcare, education, and society at large, with a lens to preventing those inequalities from becoming salient so we can build a more just and equitable world?

  • Professor Sarah Soule, Senior Associate Dean at Stanford GSB and Morgridge Professor of Organizational Behavior
  • Lori Mackenzie, Lead Strategist, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • 10:00-10:45am

    Reimagining Business
    Dana Mauriello, COO at Mighty, leads a panel discussion on the major challenges facing small businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, their immediate needs during the recovery phase, and potential long-term implications for the industry.

  • Carrie Denning Jackson, Director, Development, Sidewalk Labs
  • Mike Polner, Global Head of Product Marketing, Uber Eats
  • Lauren Foundos, Founder and CEO at FORTË


    Founder Discussion: Identifying and responding to opportunities
    Covid-19 has created business challenges around the world but also presents opportunities to serve customers in new ways. Fern Mandelbaum, Lecturer in Management at Stanford GSB, will moderate a panel of founders who creatively responded to customer needs. They will discuss how they plan to manage their workforces going forward, and how they plan to strengthen their businesses while facing the new realities of living in a Covid-19 world. This session will also touch on how we can design businesses to better support a more equitable, connected world.

  • Jane Chen, CEO and Founder, Embrace Innovations
  • Ashley Edwards, CEO and Founder, MindRight Health
  • Mac Harman, CEO and Founder, Balsam Brands
  • 1:00-1:45pm

    Tech Push: Finding Market Applications for Innovative Technologies
    Startups that develop new or innovative technologies struggle with how to bring those innovations to market. Professor Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing, will discuss an approach for technology-push founders who start with technology capabilities and need to move through the process of identifying market needs to create a viable business.